Little Hell

I'm a simple girl.
I like beer, a good movie, and some blankets.
I'm to blunt for my own good.
I'm insanely crazy.
I dance and sing horribly
and I love to never ending.
Talk to me, cause im probably bored out of my mind.
Hey. :)

In conclusion:

I have found myself lost in thought, and realized it is not me who makes people leave me, makes people not try hard enough or convinces themselves they are not good enough.
Its not me that makes my real Dad an asshole, any best friends or lovers I’ve had leave.
It is them and who they have now become. What they have changed into.
I have always believe people walk into my life for a reason. Though it is a childish, fairytail-like reasoning, I can’t, but keep it always in my heart and mind that that is the truth and purpose of people walking in and out and I will forever keep that to heart. Whether or not someone tells me it is stupid to.
I have lost a lot of people dear to me this year, people who I have loved and faught hard for. People who took advatage of me, or made me believe in false hope and broken promises, but I will never regret any of that.
There are times where someone will walk in your life more then once, but most of all there are times when they will walk in once and never return. They are only a short story in a whole “book” ahead of you. Be grateful for those who walked in, those who left.
For you have been taught something or nothing at all, whether they be bad or good, you should realize (or have) that you are worth it, whether they think you are not.

Lauren Conrad (via feellng)

(Source: feellng)

Don’t cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you.
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